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Guy Dubois was the Chairman of the 450mm Packaging Session of the SEMI : « Beyond 300mm workshop » and presented "450mm, the European Dilemna" during the ISCDG 2012 conference

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Guy Dubois has been nominated Co-Chairman of the Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee (STC) of SEMI Europa.

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Guy Dubois is one of the Experts for the European Commission DG INFSO study SMART 2010/0062 on 450 mm in Europe

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References :

Guy Dubois is one of the authors of the " Strategic Research Agenda" published in 2007 by the European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council ( ENIAC) within the European Community.

Guy Dubois is one of the writers of the "white book" CATRENE (Cluster for Application and Technology Research on NanoElectronics) which supported the labeling of the CATRENE cluster by EUREKA.

Support and Management of the writing of the CATRENE project NGC450 for the company RECIF, project leader.

Numerous technical and economical expertizes for OSEO

Expert for the European Commission on FP7 and ENIAC projects

Technical, economical and strategic expertize and support for a leader specialty semiconductor company

Process analysis and technical support on semiconductors and semiconductor like technologies (LED's, MEMS, ....)

Partner of LFoundry

Setting up of Industrial research projects in semiconductor domain.

Analysis of investment file for an international VC company

Co-Chairman of the Semiconductor Technology Programs Commitee (STC) of SEMI Europa

Co-writer of the European Commission study SMART 2010/0062 aiming to analyze "Benefits and Measures to Set up 450mm Semiconductor Prototyping and to Keep Semiconductor Manufacturing in Europe - The role of Public Authorities and Programmes". This study is available by clicking on the following link: